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world's largest beautiful mosque masjid, al-haram, nabawi, jama faisal mosques masjids, sheikh zayed, baitul mukarram

Online Quran
Worlds Largest Beautiful Mosque's and Masjid's
world's largest beautiful mosque and masjid accordingly by Rank wise and worshippers capacity like al-haram masjid, nabawi mosque, jama faisal mosques masjids, sheikh zayed, baitul mukarram

RANK = First (1st) Largest Mosque
Name = Masjid Al Haram - Kaaba Mosque
Capacity = 820,000 approx.
Area = 356,800 meter square
City = Mecca
Country= Saudia Arabia
Since = Year 638

RANK = Second (2nd) Largest Mosque
Name = Masjid Al Nabawi - Nabawi Mosque
Capacity = 650,000 approx.
Area = 400,500 meter square
City = Madina
Country= Saudia Arabia
Since = Year 622

RANK = Third (3rd) Largest Mosque
Name = Masjid Istiqlal -Istiqlal Mosque
Capacity = 120,000 approx.
Area = 95,000 meter square
City = Jakarta
Country= Indonesia
Since = Year 1978

RANK = Fourth (4th) Largest Mosque
Name = Masjid Hassan II - Hassan Mosque
Capacity = 105,000 approx.
Area = 90,000 meter square
City = Casablanca
Country= Morocco
Since = Year 1993

RANK = fifth (5th) Largest Mosque
Name = Masjid Faisal - Faisal Mosque
Capacity = 74,000 approx.
Area = 43,296 meter square
City = Islamabad
Country= Pakistan
Since = Year 1986

RANK = sixth (6th) Largest Mosque
Name = Badshahi Masjid - Badshahi Mosque
Capacity = 55,000 approx.
Area = 29,867 meter square
City = Lahore
Country= Pakistan
Since = Year 1673

RANK = Seventh (7th) Largest Mosque
Name = Sheikh Zayed Masjid - Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Capacity = 40,000 approx.
Area = 22,000 meter square
City = Abu Dhabi
Country= United Arab Emirates - UAE
Since = Year 2007

RANK = Eighth (8th) Largest Mosque
Name = Jama Masjid - Jamah Mosque
Capacity = 35,000 approx.
City = Old Delhi
Country= India
Since = Year 1656

RANK = Ninth (9th) Largest Mosque
Name = Baitul Mukarram Masjid
Capacity = 30,000 approx.
City = Dhaka
Country= Bangladesh
Since = Year 1960

RANK = Tenth (10th) Largest Mosque
Name = Id Kah Masjid - Id Kah Mosque
Capacity = 20,000 approx.
Area = 16,800 meter square
City = Kashgar
Country= China
Since = Year 1442

RANK = Eleventh (11th) Largest Mosque
Name = Negara Masjid - Negara Mosque
Capacity = 15,000 approx.
City = Kuala Lumpur
Country= Malaysia
Since = Year 1965

RANK = Twelfth (12th) Largest Mosque
Name = Sultan Ahmed Masjid - Sultan Ahmad Mosque
Capacity = 10,000 approx.
City = Istanbul
Country= Turkey
Since = Year 1616

RANK = Thirteenth (13th) Largest Mosque
Name = Al Fateh Masjid - Al Fateh Mosque
Capacity = 7,000 approx.
City = Manama
Country= Bahrain
Since = Year 1987
RANK = Fourteenth (14th) Largest Mosque
Name = Al Aqsa Masjid - Al Aqsa Mosque
Capacity = 5,000 approx.
City = Jerusalem
Country= Palestine
Since = Year 637
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